Memorial Treasures

Deciding what will be done with creamated remains may help decide what type of Urn to select. An urn can serve as an important focal point at a memorial service.

If you are looking for something specific please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Urns have been around for centuries as a beautiful tool for assuring that a person's memory lasts for the ages. Though many have the same basic purpose, storing the ashes of the deceased, urns are also all as unique as the people they memorialize.

When choosing an urn you are creating a permanent memorial, one that reflects your loved one's character and your personal taste.

Below we have listed some of our available Urns along with the newer, bio urns, and even more recently the sharing urn concept.  We have also included a new range of ‘Memorial Jewellery'.

Wooden Urns

Engraving can be arranged for each of the wooden urns shown.


Traditional Urns

We are able to source a great range of the more traditional shaped urns.


Bio Urns

Handmade from natural products and earth friendly. Two shapes, domed lid and sloped lid, three colours. Designed from Antique English Tea Caddies. Modurns are made from natural materials including silk, leather, and handmade paper. These Urns are designed to be kept at home for a time, if you wish (this has been found to be comforting for many people). Later, the ashes can be interred or scattered, leaving the Urn to become a treasured Remembrance Box' for keepsakes inherited jewellery, service medals and condolence cards.


Sharing Urns

Smaller keepsakes and sharing urns have become more popular. They are ideal for keeping a portion of cremated remains or other mementos such as a lock of hair, wedding ring, flower petals or a special message to or from the deceased. It is not uncommon for family members to divide the cremated ashes and distribute them among themselves particularly when there are family members residing overseas.



The range of keepsake jewellery was inspired by "Madelyn Saxer'. Her views on life were – 'live the moment' and 'Death is the greatest adventure of all'.

The concept of the keepsake pendant is a symbol of continuing love... a reassuring remembrance to keep close to one's heart. In creating the line of jewellery a simple purpose – 'to enable others to cope more easily , to hold a source of comfort in their hands and to find purpose in their hearts.

All items shown are available in gold, (sample image of gold items below) and also come with a gift box & chain.