Pre-Arrangement & Pre-payment

‘Our funeral directors can guide you through all aspects of what is required'

Download a Pre-Arrangement Form.

Contemplating your own funeral might, at first, seem a little morbid.  But many have given the subject some thought and decided to put their final affairs in order long before they die, which is remarkably considerate for the living they will one day leave behind.

Next to making a will, planning your funeral is one of the most caring things you can do for your family and friends. It avoids confusion and conflict before your funeral.

But more importantly, it leaves your family with precious time to grieve rather than worry about whether you would prefer a burial or cremation.


Pre-arranging your own funeral also lets you take time to consider the exact ceremony you'd like.

  • Are there special customs you would like us to honour?
  • Is there a piece of music you would like?
  • Do you have a favourite flower?

Only you know. If we know, we can carry out your wishes to the letter.

To do this we have a Pre-Arrangement sheet to download. On one side are the requirements for Registration of a death and it is important that these details be accurate.

Most of the information can be obtained from your birth certificate and marriage certificate(s).  The other details required assist us at the time of the funeral when people need to be contacted at short notice.

The reverse side shows the options available for a funeral service, and if this is completed, we can give a fairly accurate estimate of the likely costs.

Download the Pre-Arrangement form here.


If you wish to Pre-Pay Funeral Expenses we are prepared to give a firm quotation for the funeral costs based on the information given to us on the Pre-Arrangement sheet.

We are however unable to guarantee the costs of Disbursements, as these are determined by outside suppliers and are also subject to arrangements made by family at the time of the funeral. Disbursements are therefore charged at the exact rates applying at the time.

If you wish to Pre-Pay, we would suggest you consider investing the full amount quoted.

All funds lodged with the Terry Longley Ltd Pre-Payment Funeral Plan are invested in the ANZ Deposit Information Services Trust Account in the name of the individual investor, with Terry Longley Ltd as agent.

We are able to provide an updated list of balances each month and investors are encouraged to phone us if they wish to know the exact state of their investment.

Your receipt in the Terry Longley Ltd Pre-Payment Funeral Plan is acceptable to Work and Income New Zealand as proof that funds have been set aside specifically for funeral expenses, and will not therefore be assessed as an asset.

An annual statement produced by the A.N.Z. Bank as at 31st March will enable you to see exactly how much is in your trust account at that time.

The Funeral Plan we run with the A.N.Z Bank requires a minimum lodgment of $500.00.

Note: $10,000.00 is the maximum contribution for exemption from asset testing.

Resident Withholding Tax is deducted from the Interest earned on each individual investment, which in the case of a Funeral Account is 17.5%, however, in order to benefit from this tax rate, we are required by law to obtain each investor's I.R.D. Number and lodge it with the Bank.

If the I.R.D. number is withheld, the investment will be taxed at the "No Declaration Rate" of 39%.

These earnings should not be declared on your Income Tax return since your investment is solely for future funeral expenses.

Contact Us

If, after reading this you wish to discuss matters relating to our Pre-Arranged-Pre-Payment Funeral Plan please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are available to come to your home or you may prefer to call at our Office in Havelock North.

Download a Pre-Arrangement Form.